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HP 8722 E to a USB Printer

Question asked by logo65 on May 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 27, 2008 by logo65
I am trying to hook an HP8722 NA to a USB HP LaserJet. (since it is impossible to get parallel printers anymore, well affordable ones that is)

I tired the National Instruments GPIB-USB solution, but it reguires a computer between the NA and the printer and the Engineer/Tech finds this solution unacceptable. He wants to hit print on the NA and then the printer prints - no second step.

Then I tried the LPT2USB print cable which claims to take anything sent out on the parallel port and then send it to a usb printer - this doesn't respond at all.

I have a feeling that I have some settings wrong on the HP8722 - shouldn't it be sending HPGL out over the parallel port - and shouldn't all  HP Laserjets after HP LJ 3 support this language?

I'm not really sure what more to try - and I'm running out of ideas.

Has anyone found an acceptable solution to plotters that are also obsolete?