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PNA Unguided Cal SCPI command questions

Question asked by stinger on Oct 15, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2008 by stinger
I'm having trouble calibrating my PNA-X using SCPI commands.

I'm using a PNA-X (N5242A). Build 10.0 (release)

Manually, I
-Press "Measure" and select S21
-Hook up Port 2 to a cal mixer IF port (the way I was told to perform this calibration, not using an ECAL kit)
-Press "Cal" on the front panel
-Select "Start Cal"
-Select "Unguided Calibration"
-Select "Response, thru"
-Save as User Calset

I found the unguided cal instructions on the PNA's help website ( ... g_SCPI.htm), but those SCPI commands are for use with an ECAL kit and don't correlate to the types of commands I want to use.

The SCPI commands they suggest are within the SENS:CORR:COLL block:

I would like to know what SCPI commands I can use to "Start Cal", "Ungudied Cal", and measure a Thru Response.