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Undocumented commands to 8350B from 8510C?

Question asked by SatAntGuy on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on May 2, 2009 by SatAntGuy
Hi everybody,

We are developing a translator that will enable a competitor's synthesizer to look like an HP 8350B source.  There are three commands from the 8510C that seem to be undocumented.  They are:

1.  NA (parameter = 0 or 1)    We speculate that this tells the sweeper that ????
2.  TL (parameter = floating point, value like 4.1e-2)    We speculate that this sets a time, don't know what, inside the sweeper.
3.  RE (parameter = 0)    We don't know what this is either?

Anyone out there that knows what these mean?  Are we simply missing the reference in the obtainable documentation for the 8350B?  Help!


Satellite Antenna Guy (not satan)