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PNA-X in DCOM: Fastest way to do S-params at list of freqs?

Question asked by dhfx on Apr 10, 2009
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I am looking to program an N5242A PNA-X in DCOM via LAN, running LabWindows/CVI on the remote PC. What is the "proper" way to do all four calibration-corrected S-parameters at a list of specified and possibly unequally-spaced frequencies, with (this is important) minimum measurement time?

Can I do all four S-params in one channel? I would preconfigure the channel for segment scan, and load a segment table with each frequency in a different segment with one point per segment.

If the frequencies are the same as those in the cal file, can I use the cal file to set the test frequencies? And what is the procedure for specifying "corrected" S-parameters, given the cal file?

To do the measurement sweep, it looks like I want to set the channel up for manual trigger, then give a Channel.Single(true) command to trigger the whole sweep. The command blocks until the sweep is complete. Then I need to access the traces in order to read the data out. How do I do that?

Some sample code (preferably in C) would be very helpful. And if these sound too much like newbie-type questions or topics that have been covered elsewhere in these forums, my excuse is that I tried to search on "PNA-X" but the phpBB software seems to have a problem with searching on hyphenated terms (see my post in the "feedback" forum).

Needless to say, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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