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Problem with PNA COM method in VEE

Question asked by rickhart on Jan 31, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2008 by bhokkan

I'm using Vee to control the PNA application via COM. I need to change focus of whats on the monitor from the VEE application to the PNA application. This is because the way the PNA saves screen shots to file is whatever is displayed on the monitor gets its picture taken. What I get now is screen shots of the vee application.

I'm using the following to save the PNA plots. It works fine when the PNA app. has focus, but not when VEE has focus:

   application.Save(Filename); 'Filename is saved as a .png file

I tried the following statement in my VEE code to try to get focus to the PNA application but it doesn't seem to work:

   application.visible = TRUE;

Any ideas?