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Channels vs Windows vs Traces

Question asked by miyamky on Aug 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by miyamky
So I created 4 channels, each w/ a trace in them.

If I have one overlay window open, all 4 traces appear in the window...fine
If I have four windows open, each trace appears in its own window...fine

In both cases, if I do a DISP:WINDx:TRAC:... I get a one-to-one correspondence between window #, channel # and the trace is always 1

If I have two windows open, channel #2, goes on top (in what the PNA-X calls window #1), and channel #s 1, 3, and 4 go into the bottom window.  A DISP:WIND1 call returns info for channel #2.  A DISP:WIND2:TRAC1:... returns info for chan #3, TRAC2 returns info for chan #4, and TRAC3 returns info for chan #1.  Odd

If I have three windows open, channel #2, goes on the top left (again in window #1), channel #3 goes on the top right (window #2) and the bottom window has chans 1 and 4.  DISP:WIND3:TRAC1 returns info for chan 4 and DISP:WIND3:TRAC2 returns info for chan 1.  Again odd.

Can someone please explain this behavior and the reasoning behind it?