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Sending non printable ASCII Characters with SCPI (E8267C)

Question asked by borane on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2008 by odanzy

i try to download binary data into the Bit memory of the signal generator with SCPI commands like the following (e.g for the ASCII Chars AB):

:MEMory:DATA:BIT "file_name", 16, #12AB

and it works well.

But if I send non printable ASCII chars (I generate them with MATLAB) I get a System Error (-310), for example while sending two line feeds or two form feeds. Sending e.g. one line feed or another non printable ASCII char works fine.

I have to send 28616 Bits to the generator, and some 8 Bit Sequences in all the bits are non printable ASCII chars.

Is there any solution for this problem, or any other possibility to download BIT data to the generator not in ASCII (e.g in binary or in hex).

Thanks for your Help!



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