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Run Time Error Help: Trigger Ignored

Question asked by TMS_PRGM24 on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2010 by odanzy
I'm trying to program a E5071C with SCPI commands. I'm attempting to run through 9 states and when the first 3 states, which are measuring insertion loss, and states 4 through 9 are measuring VSWR. Any time I load any of the first 3 states (Insertion Loss) I receive a "Run Time Error: Trigger Ignored". Below is the code that gives me this issue.

    SCPI.MMEMory.Load.STATe = StateAdd   'Loads the current state into the network analyzer

    SCPI.TRIGger.SEQuence.Source = "BUS"  

I want to be able to load these states and sweep across them. I've done some looking around on the agilent website and reading through the library functions. I wonder if I'm missing some commands prior to setting the trigger to bus. I'm not sure if the file size is any indication of my error but the first 3 are 9kB and the rest of them are 200+kB. Please help. Thank you.