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Measure the time-domain signal using PNA

Question asked by Ruthellen on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2010 by Dr_joel
Hi, I am a newbie to the network analzer (PNA). I really need your suggestions and inputs to my project.

I am trying to measure the received signal (both amplitude and phase) of a changing mobile channel at the frequency of 4GHz using an antenna array. Our lab currently only has Agilent PNA E5071B.

I realized that the PNA is mainly used to find the channel response in the frequency domain. To obtain the time-domain samples, I plan to save the frequency-domain data automatically, and retrieve the sample at the frequency of 4GHz later. Two sets of questions arise now:

1. Are the amplitude and phase of the frequency response at 4GHz measured by PNA the same as the amplitude and phase at 4GHZ in the time domain? If not, is it possible for me to acquire a time-domain sample at 4GHz using Agilent PNA?

2. If the answer to above question is yes, I can obtain only one time-domain sample at 4GHz each time I save the frequency response. In order to get the consecutive time-domain samples, I should save the frequency response automatically. I guess I have to write a VB script to implement this function. My second set of questions is, Is the VB script the best way to meet my objective? if yes, do you know any sample codes that I can refer to? If not, can you suggest me another easy way to do it?

Any suggestions and helps are much appreciated!