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31, 12, 5 registers on 8753, Cal Vs State registers

Question asked by mramsdale on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by bhokkan

First time NA user, experienced programmer.

What are the relationships between the 31 registers, the 5 state registers, and the 12 cal registers?

My impression is 1) that the 31 represent memory available.  2) The 5 state registers (01 - 05 of the 31) hold the LEARNSTRINGS. 3) The 12 addressable "cal registers" are stored somewhere in the 31, but thier register number 1-12 doesn't correspond directly with the 1-31 registers.

Follow up question, can I store more than one set of Cal Data?  I see I can store up to 5 states, can each state have a cal data set? ( I don't see this mentioned, but want to be sure, I think not)