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FIFO mode back to standard mode

Question asked by JimG on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by johanericsson
I am encountering a PNA application shutdown when I transition from FIFO mode back to standard mode.

I set the PNA-X up for FIFO/Buffered mode by issuing among others these cmds: TRIG:SOUR EXT; SYST:FIFO:STAT ON; SYST:FIFO:DATA:CLE; SENS1:SWE:TYPE CW; SENS1:SWE:TYPE:FACW 31; SENS1:SWE:TRIG:MODE POINT. I can successfully perform FIFO acquisitions. That is "NOT" the problem.
In this particular case, I am not actually doing a POINT sweep before returning to non-FIFO/Buffered mode by issuing these cmds: TRIG:SOUR MAN; SYST:FIFO:STAT OFF; SENS1:SWE:TYPE LIN; SENS1:SWE:TRIG:MODE SWEEP.
When I try to do a normal sweep by issuing ABOR;INIT1, I get one of two messages on the PNA-X that shutdown the PNA-X application. Either I get: 1. Press OK to close 835X,exe - Application error ( a memory location cannot be written); or 2. The PNA has encountered a fatal error condition and is shutting down.
First, is there anything wrong with the cmds being issued to return to standard mode?  Second, it would seem that any cmd issued should be responded to in some valid manner: either execute it or issue an error messaage without crashing the application.

Thanks for any help