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Connection Problem between PNA-X N5245A and HP 8510

Question asked by nealgrc610 on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by odanzy
My basic set-up is:

I have a PNA-X N5245A with an embedded controller (PC) in it and it is connected to a Orbit Positioner and an HP 8510 via GPIB. I have connected a GPIB cable from the back of my PNA-X, on the GPIB(0) Controller side, to the Orbit Positioner and connected another GPIB cable from the Orbit Positioner to the HP 8510. So basically they're daisy-chained together. When I go to ACE (Agilent Connection Expert) I can see the address of the Orbit Positioner (GPIB0::8::INSTR) but I wasn't able to see the GPIB Address of the HP 8510. I was making an assumption that the GPIB Address of the HP 8510 should be GPIB0:16::INSTR but I wasn't able to communicate with it when I send out a SCPI Commands. I don't know, maybe the HP 8510 doesn't recognize SCPI Commands or maybe It wasn't the right GPIB Address (GPIB0::16::INSTR). Also I'm using LabVIEW 2009 in sending out commands to the Orbit Positioner and HP 8510.

I have the same set-up before but instead of the PNA-X as a controller, I have a PC that controls everything using LabVIEW 6.1. Everything works fine but I was trying to upgrade everything to a new instrument that is why I'm using the PNA-X as a controller.