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using CWSweep

Question asked by swer on Feb 13, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2010 by jvall

I would like to ask about how to use Continuous Wave sweep.
Actually it is not a sweep , but it is under the sweep type property and I am going to call it a sweep.
So, If I would like to use CW sweep,
first of all I have to set sweep type as CWTimeSweep.

chan.SweepType = naCWTimeSweep;

as a second step, I have to set the frequency which is going to be used.

chan.CWFrequency = 5e9;

If I am right, there is no problem so far.

and question begins here..

1-  Do I need to trigger the pna to start a measurement ?
2 - How can I get the sweep data from pna. Should I use the same type getdata that of LinearSweep.

     example for linearsweep > measData.getComplex(_DataType, ref _points, out DATA_Real[0], out DATA_Imag[0]);

Thanks in advance