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N5230A save S4p file

Question asked by jameslee on Feb 24, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2009 by odanzy
Dear all,

Hi, i'm new to N5230A, i try to save the Snp file just like E5072, but this command totally not working

CALC:DATA:SNP:PORTs:Save '1,2,3,4','d:\aa.s4p'

I'm using labview 7.1 to run the remote control, but it seems like the NWA totally not recognizing the command, the error messenge is
The SCPI command receive has cause error number -113"undefined header"

Can anyone guide me with this command?

what i want to do is similar to E5072:
1)i want to save a S4P file in the NWA's D drive,maybe a.s4p
2)mmem:tran it from NWA into the host computer local drive.

but im stuck at step 1,can anyone had experience in this guide me?