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VB6 Problem with 16802A COM Automation

Question asked by cp56 on Feb 24, 2009
Programmed a 16802A Analyzer to capture data of a certain type, in this case all words starting with hF8 (F8xxxxxx).  With DoCommands I can alter the setup file but it returns the error in VB6 'Trigger selector specification found, but not loaded' even though it clearly loads the specification.  If fact if you run that specification in Agilent, it returns the requested data.   This is the segment I sent to the setup file:

XMLCommand=”<Trigger Mode=’State’ Type=’Normal’> <StoreQual Mode=’Custom’>” + _
“<Event ParensNeeded=’F’>” + _
“<BusSignal Name=’Memory A’ Bit=’All’ Operator=’Equals’ Value=’hF8XXXXXX’/>” + _
“</Event>” + _
“</StoreQual>” +

I have tried this with both .ala and .xml setup files with the same result. I have done this requesting multiple values as well.  VB6 doesn't drive the setup file but Agilent does.  Any ideas?