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Screen Capture from 8753A VNA

Question asked by sugarglider on Aug 26, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2007 by Adrian

Is there any way to capture the VNA screen graphics using HPIB and display it on a PC monitor? I read a previous post along these lines which mentions doing it all remotely, and another suggesting using HPGL. Can someone please elaborate on these?

I have an old 8753A with option 010 in semi-retirement because it has a failing tube, and I would prefer to circumvent the problem completely with software rather than attempting a tube rejuvenation as described in another posting. I would retire it altogether except for the fact that my 8753ES does not have the time domain option.

I use my own capture software (written in Turbo Pascal - similar to C) in conjunction with an 82335 card. Works fast and is bug-free. It can also run in a DOS window under Win2K if necessary.

Thanks in advance

George G