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How to clean buffer in VEE PRO

Question asked by JackVee on Dec 10, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2006 by odanzy
Hi all,

I am using VEE PRO 7.51 to communicate with a microcontroller through serial port. I have some problems to read message (in Binary Hex representation) correctly using direct I/O. I choose "READ BINARY (BYTE) and store the message in 1D ARRAY. I've found that when the ARRAY size does not exactly match the size of message, there is always TIME OUT. Since sometimes there are old data left in the buffer, it will change the size of the message to be read. If this size does match the ARRAY size, it causes TIME OUT. Is there anyone know how to clean buffer in VEE PRO? How can I read BINARY (BYTE) of any size? Thanks!