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Gpib per visa

Question asked by Cyrus on Jul 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by Cyrus
i want to setup a agilent E3631 with VISA.
How can i put this stuff into visa?

Const Wbuf1 As String = "*RST"
If wait = Wait_First_Run Then
        UserForm1.GPIBControl1.writeTerminator = Strings.Chr(13)
        UserForm1.GPIBControl1.gpibAddr = gpibAddr
        UserForm1.GPIBControl1.readTerminator = Strings.Chr(10)
        Call UserForm1.GPIBControl1.gpibInitialize
        Call UserForm1.GPIBControl1.gpibWrite(Wbuf1, Len(Wbuf1)): Call My_Wait(0.1)
        Call UserForm1.GPIBControl1.gpibWrite("SYST:ERR?", Len("SYST:ERR?")): My_Wait (0.1)
        Call UserForm1.GPIBControl1.gpibRead(error_buffer, 200)

This is just a part of a code i can not put into visa...
Please I need help
greets cyrus