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Question asked by daveyk021 on Aug 30, 2018

The outputs on my 11713B died.  It boots up, but does not power or control my attenuators. Same attenuators and cables work fine on a 11713A.  The 24v common output for the External Relay switches 9/10 is +25volts, not 24volts  (when you can get that output),  Internally, the 24v test point is dead, unless you activate switch output 9/10, then its 25volts.  The +15v test point is +16volts.  The power supply in the lid also puts out -16volts, not -15volts.  It does put out the +25 volts, but I don't know if it has a +24volt output for the regular attenuator control lines and it it is missing.


If Keysite would only publish schematics, or a parts list, I could probably fix this.  I'm not sure if the switching supply is okay or not, all the wires to the board are the same color.  They are purposely trying to prevent third party or self repairs.  I'm sure they have some bull **** reason, such as precisions... yada yada yada, but this is only a switch controller.


I contacted electronic equipment calibration and repair labs and they don't really want to tough these things because they can not get service information either.