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Marker readout -- control, change, additional calc operation

Question asked by milan.berta on Feb 7, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2007 by jvall
Dear all,

I would like to achieve somehow that I'm able to add additional calculation in the marker readout (onto the display) or get these calculation done and written externally into some file. I'm working with NA 5230A type.

There is a marker readout on the display, and I would like to get another box showing a value of Q-factor*frequency (both Q-factor and the frequency of the marker are already displayed and easily read out), and have it continuously changing on the display and possibly continuously (or within some time steps) stored in a file for further analysis.

If showing the multiplication is not doable, would it be possible to get the (all) values of the marker stored from time_begin to time_end into some file? Using some macro commands? I looked through the pnahelp.pdf (18MB) and have found nothing

Does anyone have an idea how can this be achieved?

Thank you very much.