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Two different results in a ADS channnel simulation.

Question asked by Janis on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by bafisher

Hello everybody,


I have a problem with the #channel #simulation.

I want to simulate a de-embeddet channel but I noticed that I get two different results although I simulate the same thing.


I use the same touchstone file for the snp2 and d#e-embedding building block (ChannelSim1.jpg) and get the following result (Result1.jpg).


However, if I simulate the new S-parameters first (ChannelSim22.jpg), save them into a new Touchstone file, and then simulate the channel (ChannelSim3.jpg), the result is different (Result2-jpg).


According to my understanding, the second result must be the right one.

But can someone explain where the difference is?

Is this a software bug?



Thank you in advance and best regards,