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SCPI getting measurements in bin format problem

Question asked by IvanWagner on Jul 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2007 by IvanWagner

I'm currently communicating with a PNA E8362B device and I've got problems receiving data using sockets.

These are the commands I currently send to the device:

send_command("CALCulate1:PARameter:DEFine 'My_S21',S21");
send_command("DISPlay:WINDow1:STATe ON");
send_command("DISPlay:WINDow1:TRACe1:FEED 'My_S21'");
send_command("SENS:FREQ:STAR 1000000000");
send_command("SENS:FREQ:STOP 2000000000");
send_command("SENSe1:SWEep:POINts 801");
send_command("INITiate:CONTinuous ON;*WAI");
send_command("CALCulate1:PARameter:SELect 'My_S21'");
send_command("FORM:BORD SWAP");
send_command("FORM REAL,64");

When I set the points to a value less than 801 I receive everything all right in binary format like described here: ... alyzer.htm

When I start going from 801 points up, a bunch of values are just at 0! If a take a look at the bytes received, they are correct, but about half of the values are just at zero!

My question now is: does the PNA send multiple segments when dealing with a greater amount of data? Should I expect more #"num_digits""byte_count"<DATA><NL><END> in a single send_command("CALCulate1:DATA? FDATA;*WAI"); command?

Please help me,


Ivan Wagner.