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Novice needs help (VEE Pro and 34970A Switch Unit)

Question asked by ingram010 on Apr 3, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by odanzy

I apologise now for my extreme lack of knowledge and understanding of Agilent systems.  

I have recently been asked to develop a data logging system using the 34970A data acquisition/switch unit, 34901A 20-channel Armature multiplexer module, 34908A 40-channel single ended multiplexer and VEE Pro Software. My objective is to measure the internal temperature, PSI and leakage current of electrolyte capacitors.  I would like if possible some basic pointers about how to get started, I have no previous experience with programming or data logging systems so I am feeling a bit out of my depth. 

Any help would be most appreciated

Many Thanks