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reading N5230 buffer

Question asked by ceken on Jan 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by ceken
Dear All,

I try to read the N5230A's buffer using C#(using imported  Agilent's visa32.dll)
1.I adjust the start, stop, number of points, IFBW of N5230A
3.I sent the command to adjust data format to REAL,32
3.I sent the command CALC1:DATA? FDATA
4.Using viRead(viSession, buffer,count,out retCount), I read the # character, digits
5.using viRead(ViSession,"%d",out buffer) I read the total number of bytes to be read
6. Then finally I try to read the S21 response using              visa32.viScanf(viSession,"%,#le",ref count, data)
where "%,#le" is Read Format, count is integer, data is float[]

But I got error code -1073807297 standing for VI_ERROR_INV_FMT

Do you have any idea to read the float[] using agilent's visa32.dll?

Cengiz EKEN
Test Engineer