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Qt 4.3.0 (C++) sockets on a PNA N5230A

Question asked by IvanWagner on Jul 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2007 by odanzy
Dear All,

I'm facing a problem while I query the device to send me data. I first set the device to start frequency 1GHz, stop frequency 2GHz with 801 measurement points.
I'm using Qt to write an application that uses tcp sockets to communicate with the device.

I send the following commands to initiate the device:

// Here I read the ID successfully
send_command("DISP:WIND1:STATE ON");
send_command("CALCulate:PARameter:DEFine 'MyMeas',S21");
send_command("DISPlay:WINDow1:TRACe1:FEED 'MyMeas'");
send_command("SENS:FREQ:STAR 1000000000");
send_command("SENS:FREQ:STAR 2000000000");
send_command("SENSe1:SWEep:POINts 801");
send_command("INITiate:CONTinuous ON;*WAI");

Afterwards, I write the following to retrieve my data:

send_command("CALC:DATA? FDATA;*WAI");
temp_string = data_read();

It work fine if I work with a low number of points, instead of 801 I type something like 201 etc...

What I notice is that with a large set of points as 801, the device sends me just a few like 220 or 201 (random) and the missing data is sent the next time I request a new measurement by typing again:

send_command("CALC:DATA? FDATA;*WAI");
temp_string = data_read();

Can you please help me out? My problem is similar to the one found in this post: view

Could you please help me out?