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S-parameters retrieved by LabVIEW are unreadable

Question asked by JackVee on Mar 13, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2007 by JackVee
Hi All,

I use Labview to retrieve S-parameters from Network Analyzer N5230A via GPIB. The command are SCPI which are the same command I used to read S-parameters using VEE PRO. Unlike retrieving by VEE-PRO, the output S-parameters by Labview are unreadable. They are not numerical values. I've used ASCII and HEX formats. The HEX format gives me something like: "2334 3136 3034 C293 567A C2AD B27A C2A4 ....".
I don't understand what they mean. I can't plot them either. When I using VEE-PRO, the S-parameters can be displayed and plotted and saved to spreadsheet easily. Is there anyone knows how to retrieve S-parameters using Labview? Thanks a lot!