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Remote PC to PNA (E8363B) over lan

Question asked by santantj on Jan 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by santantj
I'm having an extremely difficult time attempting to send basic SCPI commands to my E8363B over my lan using SICL.

What I'm really experiencing, is that I don't see any way to run an application locally on the unit and communicate via SCPI, and so instead I'm attempting to run my application on my PC sitting on the lan with the PNA, but this doesn't work either.

So attempt #1 is running the application on the PNA (running winXP), but I don't know what SICL Interface ID I'm supposed to use, and if there is any configuring I need to do before hand.

Attempt #2 is running the application on my PC, and having it communicate over lan.  I installed the Agilent Config Expert on my PC, and can locate the PNA over LAN, but I still can't sent SCPI commands to it.  And even if I'm able to get this working, I need my application to run on UNIX, so this might not even be a viable option ??

Are there any significant steps I'm missing?  I've searched through all the manuals, sample code and any possible posts to this forum, but have come up empty handed...