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VEE and .NET 2.0

Question asked by jk on Jan 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2007 by Dr_joel
I was trying to load a .NET 2.0 control I wrote, but I received the following VEE Caution :
"c:\custom.dll is not a valid .NET assembly, or COM type library file."
I know it is a fine .NET 2.0 control and I was able to load it successfully  into LabView 8.2 as a VI.

I am evaluating Agilent VEE version 7.52.8524 (Jan 24, 2006)  It appears that all .NET assemblies listed in the ".NET Assembly References" list are .NET 1.1, which makes me think that my .NET 2.0 assembly is incompatible with all of the .NET 1.1 assemblies VEE is using.

Is there a newer version of VEE I should be using which supports .NET 2.0 better?