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Probelm with Lan interface- E5071B

Question asked by newuser on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by odanzy
I am having a problem of interfacing the E5071B with the external computer (operating system-Windows XP) using LAN interface (University Network). Interfacing using
GPIB using is working fine. When I use the Agilent Connection Expert to
find out the instrument through LAN, it is giving error of "Connection
request rejected or port not found on this host". Could you please help me out to resolve
this problem?

Please note that I have tried according to the manuals and also used "How do I configure my Agilent IO Libraries Suite 14 to communicate with my Agilent ENA Network Analyzer via LAN?" which I got it from the Agilent website., still the problem is not resolved yet!

Please note that "Instrument web interface.” is not working through the VNC sever.