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Calculating Triggers Received by the PNA

Question asked by SW_LightRay on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by SW_LightRay
Hello All -

I have an E8362B PNA and was wondering if it stores the number of triggers received as a sweep is carried out, or uses an internal counter of sorts that could be accessed via SCPI commands.

We use the PNA in external trigger mode, and sometimes the H/W sending triggers to the PNA does not send enough. Therefore, we would like to know if the PNA received the correct # of triggers and if it hasn't, we will repeat the sweep.

A tentative workaround, is populating the buffer with "bad data" before each sweep, and if the "bad data" is found during errror checking then we know we have to repeat the sweep.

Thanks in Advance for any assistance.