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How do I transfer data form E5071C to computer with LabVIEW?

Question asked by on Dec 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2007 by odanzy
(I am a LabVIEW beginner. Sorry if I am asking a very stupid question.)

I try to retrieve from E5071C real & imaginary S21 data and save it in the computer. This is what I draw in LabVIEW:


where "error in" comes from "error out" of an agena Start, and the block diagram of "read save" is:


I keep getting blank data file from it. At ":CONT:HAND:F?", the analyzer beeps and shows "UNIDENTIFIED Header". At "VISA R" in "read save", the analyzer beeps and shows "Query UNTERMINATED".

Where did I do wrong? Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thank you.