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PNA E8364B - capturing S2P dat as a function of pwr and freq

Question asked by nickmmw on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by nickmmw

I have the Nov. 2007 firmware installed on my PNA E8364B. It is configured in the high-pwr mode via external jumpers and external PA. My question is in regards to the 'point-sweep' trigger mode.

I would like to record s2p data, in sweep-mode=freq, as a function of source-power and freq. I will be varying the source-pwr level. Note that a source-power cal has been performed prior to this step. However, the actual input-power to the DUT will be recorded real-time via an input directional coupler and power-meter. So, in summary, I need to vary the source-power and frequency of the PNA - and hold it long enough untill the power settles, and then capture the power-meter reading and s2p data.

The problem I'm having is this: My freq-ponts=11, however, in point-sweep mode, as I send 'triggers' to the PNA I expect to be able to capture 11-frequncy points of data. Specicically, I expect the PNA to 'freeze' at each of the 11 freq points, and only progress to the next freq point when I send an "INIT<ch>" command to the PNA. However, the PNA only steps through 10 points instead of 11. The help manual says that, in point-sweep mode, the PNA will always 'decrement the count by one' - why is this? How is it possible to get data for each of the sweep-points in freq-swp mode? I am using this method since it will allow me to 'freeze' the PNA at a single-frequency and single-power point for as long as I need to capture a stable input-power reading and s2p data reading.

Any other suggestions on how to capture power and frequency dependant s2p data, 'real-time' via an input-directional coupler/power-meter would be very appreciated.

thank you.