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Setting up PNA for Antenna Measurements, Wierd Behavior

Question asked by al3079 on Dec 11, 2007
Has anyone seen this before?

PNA, PSG, 85301 LO/IF Distribution Unit, Two 85330 Controllers (Remote and Master).

VB 6 and DCOM to set up the PNA (E8362B) using firmware A.06.04.32

In setting up the external triggering I send a command like:

  trigsetup.ExternalTriggerConnectionBehavior(naTriggerConnectionBNC1) =naTriggerOutPulseNegitiveBefore

And when I look at the PNA what actually gets set is the Positive Pulse after.  There are several other commands like that, that I am sending to the trigger that seem to get set wrong.  Has anyone every seen this before?  Any recommendations as to how to proceed?  I tried upgrading the firmware on the PNA and library files on the remote PC with the new PNA proxy file, and if anything it made the situation worse.