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Variable as index in a measurement expression

Question asked by chart Employee on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by chart

I am trying to understand how to use a variable as an index in a measurement expression for use with the data display.


According to the help article on Measurement Expressions, I am trying to use an output variable as the expression list for a sweep index operator.


I have attached an archive of a simple example workspace in ADS 2017 demonstrating the problem (see also the screen capture of schematic and data display).  The expression dBm(vout[::,idx]) in the data display window is flagged as invalid even though dB(vout[::,1]), dB(vout[::,2]) and idx are all  valid expressions and idx takes on the values 1 and 2.


If the problem is with syntax, I would like to know the correct syntax to perform this operation.  If there is an architectural reason why this doesn't work I would like to know why and if there are suggestions for an alternative approach to achieve the same result.