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Problems receiving PNA-data via LAN

Question asked by jogo on Sep 28, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2007 by jogo

I use Linux, a LAN-connection and communicate via sockets with the PNA. My program queries data in s2p-format, real/imaginary exposition. If I start a measurement and my program receives the measured data, it works fine if number of sweep points is not higher than 2001. If number of sweep points is 16001 for instance my programm only receives every about 75th value of measurement, the rest of the values are zero. So I have a representation of a "compressed" graph compared to the graph plotted on the PNA, the rest of the graph plotted in my program is zero. The received frequency values are correct, the chosen timeout of my socket-connection is high enough (tested with 50sec). Is anybody there who knows this error or who has an idea where this error comes from?
Thanks for your hints!