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Can the uP module from an EXA N9010A work in a CXA N9000A?

Question asked by NealG on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by NealG

Where I am employed we use both the EXA N9010A and CXA N9000A Signal Analyzers.  We have a CXA unit that is running WinXP in the uP module and it appears the uP module is failing.  We also have several of the uP modules, also loaded with WinXP, that were pulled from the EXA units when we upgraded them to Win7.  Can the uP module from the EXA units be used in the CXA units?  I know the calibration files would need to be migrated to the replacement module but how similar is the Spectrum Analyzer software that is running?   Could the module be used with the CXA hard drive?


Thank you.


Neal Griggs