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How to use.library files

Question asked by chart Employee on Jul 25, 2018

How are the .library files used for the RF Passive SMT Library intended to be used? 


The files are located in my ADS 2017 installation at %HPEESOF_DIR%\ComponentLibs\models\

These files are referenced in the ADS 2017 help at qthelp://ads.2017/doc/vcrfs/Vendor_Component_Libraries_-_RF_Passive_SMT_Library.html


I am familiar with the process for using Unzip Design Kit for *.7z files and Manage Libraries to specify a lib.defs file, but *.library is a format I am unfamiliar with.  The "Procedure to add a Vendor Component Library" subsection in the help is not actually relevant; it only applies to .7z files.