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Help recovering "lost" data???

Question asked by toreytlow on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by tomc

I am using Benchlink 1.5 (I know, very old) and a 34970a switch to collect data. After 11 days of scanning, I hit the STOP button at the top of the program and rather than prompt with the dialog saying to hit OK (to "save" the data) or DELETE, the screen flashed for a moment and all my scan readings showed NO READING and the dataset was no where to be found.


When you hit file>open, and click on the setup, it says last modified on the day I attempted to stop this scan, however the dataset is not there and therefore can not be exported.


In the data32 folder (C:\bench\dlogger\data32) there is an encrypted data file (Y80808301.189) associated with this timeframe, however I cannot find a way to access this file or decrypt it in a way that the collected data is legible.


Is there any way to retrieve this? Please help!!!