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remove mulitple UUT testexec

Question asked by schudon on Jul 25, 2018

There was an older post with this same question and it was considered "resolved" by setting the UUT's to 1.


I disagree.


I am working on a datalogging DLL which uses GetReportMsgEx1 as a registered callback.  It works fine on a single UUT testplan, however all of our testplans are configured as Multiple UUT (even though we only have and use one fixture)- I need a method to remove the Multiple UUT option.  When I use my datalogging DLL with the multi UUT - testexec throws a General Protection Fault.  If I change the UUT count to one- it still throws a GPF.


We have had other issues with the "Multiple UUT Feature" we actually refer to it as the Multiple UUT virus.  We cannot seem to get rid of it.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.