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Programming resource for MATLAB TmTOOL?

Question asked by cptpicard on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by algoss

Hello, I'm using the IVI drivers in MATLAB to communicate with both my DSOX3034A and DSOS404A. When I use the Test and Measurement Tool, I can communicate with them just fine. However, I can't find a programming resource. For example, I can query the scope in the tmtool for it's InstrumentModel, or Acquisition_Start_Time. However, if I try to use a Function, like "readwaveformmeasurement", I'm presented with this: [MEASUREMENT] = INVOKE(OBJ,'readwaveformmeasurement',CHANNEL,MEASFUNCTION,MAXTIMEMILLISECONDS).


On the scope I'm taking an average of channel 2, and I want MATLAB to acquire that current value. I've been able to guess that it wants 'channel2' for the CHANNEL input argument, and that MAXTIMEMILLISECONDS should be long, but I can't figure out what the syntax is for MEASFUNCTION. Which means that I can't acquire the value.


This is all an example - really what I'm looking for is a resource that will describe the syntax of the different functions and properties so that I know what to use in the previous input arguments. Does such a resource exist? Thanks!