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34465A Frozen in Error Code

Question asked by ForeShadow20 on Jul 23, 2018
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A34465A Error Codes seems to freeze LabVIEW after a few hours of operation.


I never had this before (in the past 3-4 years). We sent out the DMM  for calibration and now it seems to be an issue. LabVIEW freezes (doesn't seem to be stuck in the while loop but stuck at the receive VISA).


Not sure if this is a Driver or Firmware or Harware issue.


Products information:

Agilent A34465A

Firmware A.02.08-02.37-02.08-00.49-02-01

Drivers: Agilent 3446X Series.lvlib version1.1.0.0 (ifthey update this number))

LabIVEW 2011




Frozen in Error Code