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Older 85062 Ecal with 85097 interface

Question asked by dfer on Jul 14, 2018

Does anyone know what jumper modification is needed to use older 85062 Ecals with the 85097 interface box and an 8720ES? 


The 85097B Reference Guide states "If you are using an 8506xA microwave module with a serial number below 800, a jumper must be installed in the module to make it compatible with the interface unit."  The 85062-60006 Ecal I just acquired has a s/n in the 200's and assuming Keysight can no longer support this modification, I'm able to do the mod if there is a description somewhere. 


Currently Cal->Ecal->Configure->Module Info reports "Port A Unconnected".  The HP8720ES.07.70 firmware rev should be adequate, the 85097-60002 interface was also just acquired (so unproven), and new straight-thru DB25 cables are being used, but so far no dice.  Hoping the mystery jumper is the problem.


Any help would be appreciated.