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Discrete frequency sweep

Question asked by antennas4space on Jun 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2007 by antennas4space
I am rewriting some code from another analyzer to now control the PNA and I am not sure the best way to handle the case of a discrete (unequally spaced) frequency sweep. In the prior version of my application, the user was allowed to specify any list of discrete test frequencies, assuming they were interested in only certain frequencies, which could be unevenly spaced.

It does not appear that the PNA can perform this type of sweep. My only non-ideal thought is to set up a sweep with many more points and set interpolated markers to each discrete frequency, but that would not seem ideal due to the potential phase problems at high frequencies.

Am I missing a method, or if not are there any general recommendations to retain this flexibility in our application, without forcing an equally spaced frequency sweep for all tests?