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Sine wave blues.

Question asked by ScopeDope on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by ScopeDope

Hello Forum,


I have come across an issue while attempting to view two sine wave outputs simultaneously, sort of. The key players are as follows:


Output 1

CH1 - Generic fleaBay GPSDO 10Mhz oscillator.

CH2 - MSOX-2024A WaveGen


I have adjusted the Vpp level for CH2 so that it is near / at the same Vpp level as the GPSDO source. Both inputs are running at HighZ. No matter what combination of triggering, delay, tongue angle or moon phase I am unable to get the built in WaveGen to display a nice sinusoidal wave form (see attachments). It gets interesting from here if I remove the source CH1. Even terminating both inputs at 50Ω does not solve the issue.


Output 2

CH1 - MSOX-2024A WaveGen

CH2 - Rigol AWG (DG1022)


In this setup I am able to view both sine waves without issue and visually see the difference as the phase shift marches back and forth. This has me stumped, but not defeated. Am I missing something key here? I would really like to utilize the GPSDO as a reference wave form due to the stability and accuracy of the output.


Any assistance is most appreciated.