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33220A   calibration changes to frequency are not adjusting Frequency

Question asked by stahodad on Jun 28, 2018

Hi there, I am working with a 33220A Function Generator.(2013 model) The frequency is off by about 13.5 Khz when the generator is set at 10 Mhz. (Spec is 200 Hz). So 10 Meg looks like 9.998635 Mhz on counter plugged into the output.  When set at 1 Khz it is off by a similar percentage, so 1000hz looks like 999.835 hz on the counter. .  I have gone through the first 8 steps of the calibration several times but the frequency is still out the same amount give or take. (Page 79 in the service manual) The cal counter ticks up with each try so it is saving that info but not changing the frequency.  I might try securing the password and see if that makes a difference.  I don't have all the equipment to do the rest of the full calibration so I am trying to just get the Frequency closer to spec.   I'm sort of thinking power supply because there is no oven controlled oscillator, just a crystal chip off the power supply. (No 10 Meg out) If anyone has suggestions that would be great.Thanks.