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How to upgrade/reinstall Keysight I/O Libraries on Infiniium Scopes correctly

Question asked by GWALTD on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by algoss

Is there a special procedure to install/update Keysight's I/O Libraries on Infiniium scopes, particularly the older models (DSO8000A, DSO80000A) running Windows XP? The I/O Libraries that come with the scope seem to run in some sort of client mode so the scope is recognized by say a PC running I/O libs as a test instrument. Also, the I/O libraries that come with the scope show an 'Internal interface'.


However, after upgrading the I/O libraries of a scope to even a slightly newer version means the 'Internal Interface' is gone, and the scope is no longer recognized as scope by the I/O Libraries on the PC. Removing the old I/O Libraries and installing a newer version brings the same result.


Hence my questions:


    1) How to properly install I/O Libraries on an Infiniium scope so that the 'Internal Interface' is back and the scope will be recognized as test instrument
    2) What is the proper upgrade procedure for I/O Libraries?