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Sweep a phase delay between channels

Question asked by maria on Jun 28, 2018

I'm using my signal generator as a trigger to a camera and a laser. The trigger signal is a square pulse and I want the two devices to be triggered with a phase delay between the channels. I've seen that this can be done by go into the phase parameter and choose "sync internal" and then add a delay. But I want this delay to be swept. (The result is going to be a convolution.) This can be done under modulations and to choose phase modulation, upramp. This gives a linear phase modulation which is exactly what I want. But now comes the problem. When I start this phase modulation the two channels are not "in phase" anymore. The phase difference between the channels where the modulation starts is kind of arbitrary. I think this phase modulation is only controlling the phase for one channel and not the phase between the channels (as I want it). So what I want is that the phase modulation starts for example with a delay between the channels of -2ms and goes linear up to +2ms. Is this possible with this signal generator?