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HELP: 8753ES CPU board damage

Question asked by mgavriliu on Feb 11, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2008 by mgavriliu
Recently I purchased a used 8753ES online and I received the unit DOA.  

There was no output on the screen at all when the unit was powered on, but the status LEDs at the back were lit, so power was being supplied properly.

I ran the troubleshooting procedures from the service manual and identified the damaged part to be the CPU main board, part number 08753-60315.

The seller claims the 8753ES was working when it left their place and that damage was caused by shipping company. I can't find any signs of physical damage to the CPU board or anything else inside the unit: no loose boards, or connectors, or parts, no broken anything. The damage appears to be entirely electrical in nature.

:?: Can this kind of electrical damage to the CPU board happen as a result of shipping? What would need to happen during shipping to cause such a failure? :?:

Please help me sort this out!