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Question on HP 8453 Spectrophotometer

Question asked by paul899 on Jun 15, 2018
I am working on HP 8453 Spectrophotometer machine and Windows 7 using Agilent 82350 GPIB interface card.
The UV-Visible Chemstation Ver B-0401 Software is running well without any issues.
Because end users' requests, I need to program to collect data directly from HP 8453 using VB6.
However, when running a sample Idn from Agilent\IO Libraries Suite, I got the error message "Generic I/O Error" on iwrite command.
1/ Please see the below VB 6 codes:
Sub Main()
    Dim id As Integer
    Dim strres As String * 80  'Fixed-length String
    Dim actual As Long

    id = iopen("hp82341,30")
    Call itimeout(id, 5000)


    '  Query device's *IDN? string
    Call iwrite(id, "*IDN?" + Chr$(10), 6, 1, 0&)


    '  Read result
    Call iread(id, strres, 80, 0&, actual)


    '  Display the results
    MsgBox "Result is: " + strres, vbOKOnly, "*IDN? Result"


    '  Close the instrument session
    Call iclose(id)


    '  Tell SICL to cleanup for this task
    Call siclcleanup


End Sub
2/ Device configuration:
GPIB address: 30
SICL Name: hp82341
Logical Unit: 7
Please help to solve the communication errors or contact me at 408 747 1769 or if you are interested in consulting us.