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configure external mixer using

Question asked by royazriel on Jun 14, 2018

I have installed the driver software which supports N9010B and the sample I am using for .net is running fine.

the sample is using the following references:

using Agilent.AgXSAn.Interop;


my spectrum analyzer has an external mixer (M1971E Opt 3) to extend the max frequency to 90GHz.

when trying to configure center frequency from .net to high frequency the instrument is popping an error.


I believe this is because I need to make the device aware that the input is "external mixer".

I have seen the is an interface  Ivi.SpecAn.IIviSpecAnExternalMixer. configure function.

1. Is this what I need to call in order to be able to set the center frequency to frequencies above 40Ghz ?

2. can I accomplish it using Agilent.AgXSAn.Interop AgXSAn ? if so can someone provide snippet.

3. if I am required to move Ivi.SpecAn is there a sample using this interface somewhere ?